Judy Levitt – French Horn

Judy Levitt - French HornJudy started her musical life as a pianist at the age of 8, but did not start to play the French Horn  until the age of 11. She chose to play the horn because she thought it looked the prettiest instrument in the orchestra, and has played in orchestras, bands and brass ensembles in the Derby area ever since then. Judy currently plays principle horn in the Derby Concert Orchestra.

Judy came to play with Derventio Brass in 1999 when she started to go out with Steve Levitt, the euphonium/ trombone player in the group.  Her self professed speciality is playing high notes, quiet playing and slushy beautiful music. She  leaves the loud, brassy stuff to her very good friend and fellow horn player, Penny.

Judy says that her main accomplishment is managing to keep playing the horn whilst bringing up 4 lively sons!  What Judy likes best about Derventio Brass is being able to play music with some of her very best friends. The close relationships and camaraderie and the support that is
offered to each other makes playing in Derventio a special experience for the players.  We hope that our audiences enjoy  listening as much as we do playing.