Penny Blackwell – French Horn

SONY DSCPenny is a founder member of the group, and is married to the Derventio Brass conductor, David Blackwell – perhaps the only reason she gets asked back each month, oh and to help sort out all the clutter that is their music library at home!!!

Such is her dedication to the ensemble, their tour to Venice in 1994 turned out to be her honeymoon, occurring one week after the wedding ceremony (and 2 weeks prior to her actual honeymoon). What better way to celebrate their marriage!

Penny is an eternal student – since school she has undertaken a Biochemistry degree, Chemical Pathology training, a PhD in Nottingham and Melbourne, Australia and then Medicine at Nottingham. Her medical career has been a bit busy too, with her son being born half way through her degree and then various other exams including A&E qualifications and finally plumping for General Practice, with all the other exams required for this. The long-suffering David is relieved that Penny has finally decided to settle down and become a GP Partner in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

Playing the French Horn has been an integral part of Penny’s life since the age of 11. She met her husband and close friends through music groups in the area and at various universities. She plays regularly in the Derby Concert and Chamber Orchestras and enjoys small group playing also. Her particular love is playing chamber music and anything with complicated rhythms or transposition that gives her brain a good workout! She also plays the piano and has taught this for many years, but has much less time to play as life is so hectic now. Her son, Dominic, is learning the trombone and really enjoying this, but his younger sister, Harriet, is making noises about learning the violin. If she can get a trumpet sprayed pink, this might just sway her!!

Penny’s other interests revolve around travelling with her family at every opportunity and wine-tasting, preferably both together!