Steve Levitt – Trombone/Euphonium

Steve is a founder member of Derventio Brass.  He started playing piano at the age of 5, but stopped shortly after when the rigours of practising proved too much.  He did start again around the age of 12, and the basics learnt up to that point proved invaluable when, after watching The Glenn Miller Story on television, he decided to learn the trombone. But there weren’t any of those left in the school cupboard, so the euphonium it was.  The dearth of euphonium players in the area meant he was soon afforded the opportunity to play in the Derby Schools Music Centre Senior Wind Band, at an earlier age than might have been expected! (Coincidently, his wife, Judy, played in the group at the same time, but they were only there concurrently for a short time).

This led to opportunities with the St Helen’s Brass Ensemble, which soon became the National Youth Brass Ensemble of Great Britain on the basis that there’d were 3 or 4 members from Wales, and the title hadn’t been used by anyone else! Under the charismatic baton of John Bushell, a legend in the area, this provided some fantastic opportunities, as the group played in St Marks and the Frari in Venice (including a live Italian Radio broadcast), as well as performances in St Paul’s Cathedral, York Minster and Westminster Abbey in London.

Steve went on to play with Neville Brass (where he again spent a slightly longer period alongside
his future wife!) and Derwent Brass, before University beckoned where further fun was had with the Tuxedo Swing, swing band and the university orchestra, playing bassoon and trombone parts on euphonium!

Moving to London, Steve managed to negotiate a place in the Hillingdon Brass Band under the baton of Philip Sparke, a period that gave great experience and further advanced his understanding of more of the nuances required in performance and interpretation.

Around 2006, Steve joined the Derby Concert Band with Sam (his step-son) who was a young trombonist.  As Sam’s taxi driver, Steve decided he would use the opportunity to learn the trombone himself, whilst at rehearsals, and now  utilises that ability with Derventio Brass.  Thus he can
cover the more ensemble trombone requirements and add many of the more florid necessities on euphonium as penned in the arrangements of David Blackwell.

Steve is passionate about his music and continues to be involved in all sorts of activities as and when requested of him, including the likes of; piano in church; keyboards in shows, covers bands and a Worship band; concerts with Derby Concert Orchestra; brass contests with Derwent Brass; and has even been known to tread the boards with Rose Hill Musical Society.  He has also dabbled with arranging music that is utilised with Derventio Brass and some of his pop outlets.

If time and funds allowed he would willingly spend all his time involved in music!